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eLearning Services

We specialize in developing cost-effective, yet highly engaging, intuitive and effective, custom content and online course content. Our experts in instructional design and multimedia production, can create customized e-Learning content as per your requirement or re-furbish your existing content and align to your learning objective in user friendly manner.

Our services in e-learning content development spans

  • CBT/WBT Development
  • Experience based Learning
  • Content Conversion & Localization
  • Instructor Led Training Development
  • Simulation Based Training


Based on our experience we have developed a three-phase process for developing e-Learning content(CBT or WBT) that includes planning, design and development, and review/testing.


  • Identify Learning Needs/ Curriculum Objectives
  • Co-ordinate with Subject Matter experts to collect the content

Deliverables : Storyboard and Prototype


  • Use Instructional Writing to develop On-line Course
  • Apply appropriate Graphics (audio, Video, Animation, layouts) as per course content and build navigation and Interactivity

Deliverables : Beta or Draft Version of the Course Content


  • Review and Validate Content
  • Test The content in the actual Environment

Deliverables : Final Course Delivery

Re-purposing Content

If you have a non-SCORM compliant e-learning WBT/CBT course, we can make it SCORM compliant. We can also test the same on the LMS of your choice Older version of CBT course that you would prefer to be converted into a SCORM-compliant e-learning course, we can help you.

Are You Ready to go for eLearning?

Below are some of the customized online training programs that we can help you with:

  • Employee Induction/Orientation training
  • Management training
  • Product training
  • Sales Force training
  • Customer training
  • Government e-learning
  • K-12 learning Content

AdSOFT Solutions in association with SWIFT Solutions with development centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad offers a total solution, enabling you to completely outsource your elearning requirements. We recognize that high costs can be an important barrier to any e-learning project. If you are looking to realize significant benefits by outsourcing learning, in whole or part, we will be the right partner to work with.

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